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Monday, June 29, 2009

Found Art Puppets

Before you run to the store to buy even more parts for making puppets, check your home stash first. Here is a list of things that can be converted to use as a puppet or puppet theater.

1. Margarine and yogurt containers.
2. Coffee can lids.
3. Egg cartons.
4. Foam trays from veggies.
5. Pipe cleaners
6. Bits of ribbon, lace and trim left from other projects
7. Quilt scraps that are too small for quilts
8. Hair bows, ties, bobby pins
9. Zip ties
10. Wire twist ties from trash bag cartons.
11. Gourds
12. Balls
13. Feathers
14. Thread, yarn, artificial sinew scraps
15. Old spools
16. Telephone wire leftovers
17. Any wire
18. Paints
19. Beeswax
20. Hot melt glue
21. Gesso
22. Flour, salt, water (bread dough art)
23. Dried flowers, herbs, leaves
24. Tiddly winks, dice, random game pieces
25. Driftwood
26. Onion skins, tea, coffee (for dyeing)
27. Lids off of bottles
28. Socks
29. T-shirts
30. Rags
31. Hankerchiefs
32. Old screens
33. Dryer vent hose scraps
34. Buttons
35. Sleeves from sweaters, long sleeved t-shirts
36. Drapes
37. Bamboo (chopsticks, skewers, placemats)
38. Barettes
39. Rubber bands or elastic hair ties
40. Seeds
41. Tights
42. Rubber stamps
43. Wool roving
44. Stain or shoe polish
45. Shoe parts
46. Eyelets or snaps
47. Leather scraps
48. Broken toys
49. Unwanted holiday ornaments
50. Dryer lint
51. Paper scraps
52. Dowels, broom handles, broom bristles.
53. Soda bottles

And this is just the beginning. Most of us throw away tons of stuff that can be put to use in the world of puppets. Young children will need to be supervised. Remember, temporary puppets for a few days of fun can be made of things that might fall apart over time, like moss and sticks. For more permanent puppets use plastic, metal washers, and so on to give it more durability.

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